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Meet New Lab Industries / Vapour Mountain

Meet New Lab Industries / Vapour Mountain

Dear Fellow Vapers

We at Pure + Nicotine and Flavours are so proud to be represented by so many incredible juice makers.
For that reason, we want to represent YOU!

Follow us to find out MORE about your fellow juice makers and why they chose Pure + as their brand of choice!

This weeks exclusive interview is with the one and only...

New Lab

Q: Where and how did the New Lab Industries/Vapour Mountain journey begin?

A: Vapour Mountain was established in 2013 by my wife and I. We both quit smoking tobacco and been avid vapers since 2009. We wanted to bring our passion to the vaping community in South Africa which was almost non-existent back then. We started selling devices and e-liquid to family and friends, which quickly escalated to an online store. Around 2011 I started experimenting with the mixing of e-liquid. It was a very difficult process back then with limited resources, knowledge and very few raw materials available. Most of the raw materials like nicotine and concentrates had to be imported. Vapour Mountain manufactured and sold the very first locally produced e-liquid in South Africa. After growing considerably over the following years, we started co-packing and manufacturing for various well known South African brands. We eventually established New Lab Industries last year, which has taken over all co-packing, manufacturing and distribution of e-liquid and more recently hardware as well. Vapour Mountain is still our e-liquid brand that we are very proud of. Naturally New Lab Industry is Vapour Mountain’s manufacturer and distributor of choice.

Question 1

Q: What drives your passion for this industry and how do you keep innovating?

A: Vaping for us has always been about helping tobacco users replace smoking with the greatly risk reduced habit of vaping. All the feedback and success stories from customers throughout the years have kept us motivated and encouraged us to keep innovating and growing. At New Lab Industries, we always keep up to date with the latest trends, research and development in the e-Liquid industry and constantly invest in new technology and processes to streamline our manufacturing processes. The quality and integrity of all products manufactured by us are of utmost importance.  

Question 2

Q: What made you choose to join the PURE+ family?

A: We chose Pure+ for the quality of the product as well as the care that goes into the storage, shipment and traceability of the product. At New Lab Industries we use various brands of raw materials according to customers’ specifications and preference, and Pure+ is one of our preferred brands.

 Question 3


Q: What are your goals and aspirations for the rest of 2022?

A: We are always evolving and improving our processes and offerings. We have a few exciting projects and releases from both New Lab Industries and Vapour Mountain this year.

Question 4

Q: Do you have any exciting new products on the way and if so, what can we expect?

A: At New Lab Industries we will be growing our wholesale hardware and e-liquid offering. We are also focusing on providing our customers with fast world class service. Vapour Mountain has a few mouth watering releases planned over the following months. So keep an eye out on our social media channels.

 Question 5

If you are keen to learn more about New Lab Industries/Vapour Mountain , click this link below

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