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Meet G Drops Eliquids

Meet G Drops Eliquids

Dear Fellow Vapers

We at Pure + Nicotine and Flavours are so proud to be represented by so many incredible juice makers.
For that reason, we want to represent YOU!

Follow us to find out MORE about your fellow juice makers and why they chose Pure + as their brand of choice!

This weeks exclusive interview is with the one and only...


Q: Please tell us where and how the Gdrops journey began?

A:In 2019 we started our average vaping journey and we enjoyed it as a hobby , just vaping for fun and going about it as a healthier alternative to smoking.  Then one day one of our mates didn't have juice and we threw some things together not knowing what we were doing and bang it was a masterpiece. Till today we don't know what it was. And so G Spot E Liquids started as a joke and just a hobby. We launched three juices into the world thinking wow these are better than anything we have vaped before. But needless to say our newbie dreams were shattered and we were forced back to the drawing boards. 2021 was a big year for us. We transitioned into G Drops E Liquids as it is known now. With the transition there came so many new things. We started G Tech Labs as a Manufacturer for small to large entities. We launched two stunning juice lines. Our old school Taffy range the FIZZLEZ and our delicious dessert range GOLDEN DONUT. We were two girls stepping into an industry we knew nothing about and we are so glad we did. This industry is like Family

Question 1

Q: What are the core concepts that your brand follows?

A:The core concept of G Drops is as simple as QUALITY FIRST! As we grow in this amazing industry we have learnt a lot. And one thing we will alway stick to is quality. No shortcuts. If a juice takes a year to develop then that is the time that it takes. We do not rush anything here at G Drops. We aim to please our customer base and to always keep the standards on the highest of levels. No matter how big we grow this company, we will always stay humble. 

One of our biggests Concepts in the company is to provide a product that is not only original, but if we say it is a replica of a candy, we do our very best to make sure it tastes just like that. In anything that we develop we aim to give you the most authentic taste of what we advertise.

Question 2

Q: What made you choose PURE+ nicotine & flavors for your product?

A: With being a mixologist we work with so many different concentrates and nicotine's that you have to experiment with. It has now been 3 years and the journey we have walked with Flawless and Pure Plus, is something no one can describe. Customer service and quality products makes every little bit just go a long way. We thank Pure Plus for all the opportunities they have offered us. Without it some of our lines would not be available.

Question 3

Q: So, where to from here for Gdrops?

A: Well, that can be a hard question. Our next goal for G Drops is to become one of South Africa's biggest and best E liquid companies. We aim to expand our Lab even bigger this year as we do a lot of co-packing for brands. We want to be able to give any juice maker in this industry the best possible pricing and quality manufacturing on their products from G Tech Labs. Yes we are still one of the small ones but watch this space. 

And when we are done with all of that we will strive to hit the international market as we do believe that South Africa has some of the best e liquids in the world and it is time that they taste what real flavor is!

Question 4


Q: Do you have any exciting new products on the way and if so, what can we expect?

A: Oh Yes but of course. We are always busy with something. We just launched the new Golden Donut range with two new additions to the already loved crème brulee filled donut. We added a Strawberry Jam filled Donut and a Milk Tart Filled donut. We are very excited for these two that are now completing the Golden Trio of Donuts. Later in the year we will be releasing another set of Candy flavors and if we can give a bit of hint, it will once again be very unique to South Africa and we do believe that it has not be done yet

Question 5

If you are keen to learn more about G Drops, click this link below 

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