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1.1.          The aim of the manual is to assist potential requestors as to the        procedure to be followed when requesting access to information / documents from the Company as contemplated in terms of the Act.

1.2.          The manual may be amended from time to time and as soon as any amendments have been finalised, the latest version of the manual will be made public.

1.3.          Any requestor is advised to contact the Information Officer should he / she require any assistance in respect of the utilization of this manual and / or the requesting of information / documents from the Company.

1.4.          The following words will bear the following meaning in this manual:

  • the Act” means the Promotion of Access to Information Act, No. 2 of 2000, together with all relevant regulations published;

  • the Company” means Flawless Technology Group (Proprietary) Limited, registration number 2017/013775/07;

  • Manual” shall mean this manual together with all annexures thereto, as available at the offices of the Company and on the Company’s website;

  • SAHRC” shall mean the South African Human Rights Commission;

  • Information Officer” means the Information Officer appointed by the Company from time to time, whose details are included under clause 2 below, to which requests for information in terms of the Act should be addressed.


2.1.          The Company hereby appoints, in terms of Section 51(1)(a) of the Act the below named individual as the information officer:

2.1.1.        Name of Information Officer:            Ivan Lima

2.1.2.        Address:                                         Fourways Manor Office Park, Macbeth Avenue, Building 6, Fourways, 2068                              

2.1.3.        Postal address:                               Fourways Manor Office Park, Macbeth Avenue, Building 6, Fourways, 2068

2.1.4.        Telephone:                                      +27114656208

2.1.5.        E-mail:                                  


3.1.          In terms of Section 10 of the Act, a guide will be compiled by the South African Human Rights Commission containing such information as may be required by a person who wishes to exercise any right contemplated in the Act. The guide will be made available in all official languages by the SAHRC and is obtainable from the SAHRC.

  • Contact details of the South African Human Rights Commission are as follows:


3.2.1.        Address:                                         33 Hoof Street, Braamfontein

3.2.2.        Telephone:                                      +27 11 877 3600

3.2.3.        Fax:                                                +27 11 403 0625

3.2.4.        Website:                                

3.2.5.        E-Mail:                                  

4.     NOTICE(S) IN TERMS OF SECTION 52(2) OF THE ACT (Section 51(1)(c) of the Act)

  • At this stage, no notice(s) has / have been published.


  • The Company shall keep information / documents in accordance with the following legislation (please note that this is not an exhaustive list):

5.1.1.        Insolvency Act, No. 24 of 1936 (Section 134 and155);

5.1.2.        Pension Funds Act, No. 24 of 1956;

5.1.3.        Income Tax Act, No. 58 of 1962 (Section 75);

5.1.4.        Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008;

5.1.5.        Copyright Act, No. 98 of 1978;

5.1.6.        Regional Services Councils Act, No. 109 of 1985;

5.1.7.        Value Added Tax Act, No. 89 of 1991 (Section 65);

5.1.8.        Occupational Health and Safety Act, No. 85 of 1993;

5.1.9.        Compensation for Occupational injuries and Diseases Act, No. 130 of 1993 (Section 97);

5.1.10.     Labour Relations Act, No. 66 of 1995;

5.1.11.     Basic Conditions of Employment Act, No. 75 of 1997 (Section 31);

5.1.12.     Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998 (Section 26);

5.1.13.     Skills Development Act, No. 97 of 1998;

5.1.14.     Medical Schemes Act, No. 131 of 1998;

5.1.15.     Skills Development Levies Act, No. 9 of 1999; and

5.1.16.     Unemployment Insurance Act, No. 63 of 2001.

  • The above records, insofar as it being of a public nature are available automatically without a person having to request access thereto in term of the Act, as envisaged in Section 52.


6.1.          The Company holds the information / documents listed herein below:

6.1.1.        details relating to the operational, commercial, and financial interests of the Company;

6.1.2.        commercial contracts;

6.1.3.        client data base (personal information of clients, commercial and financial information, information on contemplated, existing, and past business transactions, information on agreements, proposals, and intellectual property of such clients);

6.1.4.        employment contracts;

6.1.5.        personnel records for the Company’s employees;

6.1.6.        human resources (personal information of past, present and prospective employees, and partners / directors); and

6.1.7.        insurance policies.

6.2.          It is recorded that any and all documents / information requested pertaining to the aforesaid shall only be made available to a requestor subject to the provisions of the Act.

6.3.          None of the information held by the Company is automatically available without a person having to request access in terms of and subject to the provisions of the Act.

6.4.          A request for information should be in the prescribed form, addressed to the Information Officer and submitted against payment of the prescribed fee.

7.     OTHER INFORMATION (Section 51(1)(f) of the Act)

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development has to date not published any regulations in terms of this Section.

8.     AVAILABILITY OF THE MANUAL (Section 51(3) of the Act)

8.1.          This manual is available for inspection at the offices of the Company and on the Company website, free of charge.

8.2.          It should be noted that the manual accessible on the website of the SAHRC and in the Government Gazette, does not include the request forms or fee structure.  The request forms and fee structure can be obtained on the SAHRC website ( or the website of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development ( (under “regulations”).

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