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PURE+ Nicotine


• SMOKING CESSATION: The use of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products is to assist individuals to quit smoking and reduce the risk of adverse health effects. NRT's may include patches, gum, inhalers, or nasal sprays and these provide controlled doses of nicotine to reduce withdrawal symptoms while gradually weaning off tobacco.

• INSECTICIDES: Nicotine is a natural insecticide and has been widely used in various forms for agricultural pest control.

• COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT: Nicotine has stimulant properties and affects certain neurotransmitters in the brain, leading to increased alertness and improved attention. As a result, nicotine has been used for its potential cognitive-enhancing effects and has been used in studies related to memory, attention, and cognitive performance.

S-100 Sucralose (10%)

S-100 Sucralose (10%)

Pure+ Fusion Ice (40%)

Pure+ Fusion Ice (40%)

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