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GDROPS Hydra HeDs -12ml

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At G Drops we believe in quality over quantity. We have a huge passion for the industry, and we believe that local is better. At G Drops we strive for flavour excellence and we live by our motto to “NEVER GIVE UP”



The coffee that took the world by storm. This profile took over two years to develop. On inhale the smooth semi-sweet coffee hits your taste buds like that first cup of coffee in the morning, followed by a freshly baked donut. A delicious donut dunked into a perfect cup of coffee



Not your everyday Mango Peach. This profile will leave you wanting more all the time. The mango is the star of the show with the peach ending the experience with a burst of flavour.


This is a nice ICY vape, for that perfect summer vape, all day.


ERROR 409 Caramel Vanilla Tobacco

The ultimate tobacco with beautifully balanced characteristics. This is not your average tobacco. Experience a delicious vanilla top note leading into a smooth rich tobacco and a delectable caramel linger at the end. This flavour will linger on your palette the entire day.


SECRET MIXER Strawberry Kiwi Peach

A mix of strawberries, kiwi and peaches for the ultimate summer reminisce. Each drag is a new vibrant fruity mix experience. The taste will be one you will never forget and have you coming back for more.



A fresh mix of tropical fruits paired with a “not too frosty” sweet spearmint to keep those tastebuds wanting more.


This is a match made in heaven.


Available in 20mg | 50mg

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