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Meet Emissary Elixirs

Meet Emissary Elixirs

Dear Fellow Vapers

We at Pure + Nicotine and Flavours are so proud to be represented by so many incredible juice makers.
For that reason, we want to represent YOU!

Follow us to find out MORE about your fellow juice makers and why they chose Pure + as their brand of choice!

We are starting this series off with an exclusive interview with the one and only...

Emissary Elixirs

Q: Tell us where and how the Emissary journey began?

A: Emissary Elixirs began as a partnership between a couple of friends. Research and development started in late 2015, but we consider April 2016 the month of our official launch and ‘birthday’. Inspired by the likes of Five Pawns and other premium American brands and the partners’ own aesthetic tendencies, it began with a desire to create an artisanal yet affordable vaping experience with unique branding and a commitment to superior customer service. Our first stockists were the likes of Sir Vape in Durban and Foggas in Claremont, and we’ve been expanding ever since!

Question 1
Q: What drives your passion for this industry and how do you keep innovating?

A: For the founders of Emissary Elixirs, e-cigarettes are a personal affair. Vaping devices enabled us to finally quit cigarettes for good, and we delight in being able to help others do the same. It’s always encouraging to read testimonials from people who’ve managed to kick the habit with one of our products. We also relish the creative freedom this industry affords us. Branding, recipe development, and marketing take time, but it’s always a fun and exciting experience. 

The e-cigarette industry is, while relatively young, in a state of constant flux, and like with any other industry, there are always new offerings from competing e-liquid companies, device manufacturers, coil-makers, and more. At Emissary Elixirs, we pride ourselves on keeping a keen eye trained on these developments to best serve our loyal clientele and ensure customer satisfaction.

Question 2
Q: What made you choose PURE+ nicotine & flavours for your product?

A: We’ve dabbled in a number of nicotine products—some better, some worse—but it was a no-brainer when it came to PURE+. Its cleanliness and quality are unmatched, and we wouldn't feel comfortable using any other brand!

Question 3

Q: So where to from here for Emissary?

A: We’re always working on something, whether it’s experimenting with new flavours for a potential release or bolstering our existing ranges with something to satisfy every kind of vaper. And, as always, working with stockists, new and old, to ensure our unique and satisfying flavours are available nationwide!

Question 4

Q: Do you have any exciting new products coming and if so what can we expect?

A: 2022’s set to be a busy year for us, and we have plenty of releases in the pipeline. Old favourites like Alpha, and newcomers like Omega, are getting 25mg Salt variants, and we’re expanding our PURE range not only to include 35mg Salt variants but a final addition to the PURE family — PURE Gold! A delectable blend of tropical flavours like guava, mango, and passionfruit, without sacrificing any of the complexity and care we’ve built our brand on from the very start

Question 5

To our Pure+ family, if you would like to learn more about Emissary, head to

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