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Meet 2ONE62

Meet 2ONE62

Dear Fellow Vapers

We at Pure + Nicotine and Flavours are so proud to be represented by so many incredible juice makers.
For that reason, we want to represent YOU!

Follow us to find out MORE about your fellow juice makers and why they chose Pure + as their brand of choice!

This weeks exclusive interview is with the one and only...


Q: Where and how did the 2one62 Craft Vapers venture begin?

A: 2one62 was started by two friends looking for juice profiles that we wanted to vape but couldn’t find on the market at the time. So, we inevitably decided to try our hand at mixing our own flavours. One thing lead to another until in early 2020 we were ready for the release of our first 2one62 profiles to the public. Of course Covid hit us during that time and our release had to be pushed to December of that year, but we are happy that it all worked out in the end. 

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