Avidartisan | DIY Tool Kit

by Avidartisan
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The authentic Avidartisan DIY Tool Kit consists of 1 x Diagonal Pliers, 1 x Needle-nose Pliers, 1 x Folding Scissors, 1 x Pen Style Phillips Screwdriver, 1 x Pen Style Flathead Screwdriver, 1 x T-style Screwdriver, 1 x Ceramic Tweezers, 1 x Elbow Tweezers (With Rubber Caps for protection), 1 x Coil Jig Set (1.5mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm / 3.5mm / 4.0mm). With this useful tool set, it is very convenient to build your coils and wicks.

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