PURE+ VG Freebase Nicotine Shot Additive 24mg 15ml (12)

PURE+ VG Freebase Nicotine Shot Additive 24mg 15ml (12)


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15ml PURE+ VG Freebase nicotine additives

Strength: 24mg Freebase (12)

Available carrier bases:  VG (USP/BP)



Nicotine in a Vegetable Glycerine (VG) carrier base.


Dilution targetable to 12 milligram per ml.  

The perfect partner to our various PURE+ solutions.   


PURE+ 15ml Nicotine additives are specifically manufactured for use in various industries and is the product of choice for its foremost quality, purity and performance.  

PURE+ is always available and freshly manufactured to order for the purest product possible. 

PURE+ Nicotine is a naturally extracted product with over 99% accredited purity, exceeding USP / EP standards on each batch and is considered by many international and local clients to be the best pure nicotine on the market. Due to industry leading meticulous quality control, and repeatable manufacturing processes, we are able to maintain consistency and the highest quality in every batch.



Not for sale or to be used and handled by persons under the age of 18.

Through purchasing and utilizing this product, you hereby acknowledge it should be handled with care, using the correct safety procedures. This product is used at your own risk.  

Do not ingest, keep away from eyes, avoid contact with skin. Always use (nitrile) gloves and PPE when handling this product. Highly addictive substance. Keep away from underage persons, pregnant or breastfeeding women, animals or pets.

Store sealed in a cool dry place between 1C and 10C. 

Dispose of responsibly and recycle.

Nicotine can be highly addictive and if handled improperly could result in possible negative health implications.

If ingested, seek immediate medical attention. Poison Control Services 24/7 phone number:0861 555 777

PURE+ 100mg Certificates

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PURE+ is a certified and tested product. View our COA, COQ and MSDS below.



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